New Dates Released for the Life, Leadership & Engagement Academy


Our programmes are client-centred and adopt a whole life perspective. Our clients are encouraged to examine themselves and their environment in order to enhance their performance and fulfilment. This provides a personally tailored approach to learning and development, which is time limited, goal-orientated and offers objectivity. The result? You’ll be equipped with the clarity, confidence & motivation to deliver success in today’s business world!

Who should attend?
Ideal for new or future managers who have demonstrated their potential as a technical specialist and individual contributor and need to develop a new set of skills to become a leader. Days can be taken as part of a programme,or individually.


What will you learn?

The programme covers 9 main topics over 6 single days. Completion of all or even part of the programme will make a major contribution to the development of anyone seeking to improve their performance in 2016.

To book on to any of the modules, please call 01925 730209. For more information click here.