Enhance performance with a remote working plan

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Embracing change is the quickest and easiest route for businesses and people to succeed amid challenging market conditions, economic uncertainty, and widespread shifts in workplace practices. It is no longer an option to keep doing the same things and getting the same outcomes. The landscape has changed and so too have market needs.

We understand this more than most. If one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it is the need to clearly understand and adapt to customer and market requirements. And yes, we are all guilty of existing in a bubble from time- to-time, where day-to-day operational tasks take over from the strategic thinking.

This is particularly evident with many businesses we have engaged with during the transition to remote working. Business leaders find themselves caught between firefighting the impact of the pandemic and developing new ways of working.

So how can you implement effective change in this area and retain your focus to drive the business forward?

Firstly, allocate some time to develop a measurable remote working plan for your people and business that is based on sound research. It should also include realistic objectives and a clear strategy.

Data Analysis and Management

Secondly, think about how you are going to acquire, manage and act on your data. This is a critical element of the process and the basis on which you will create your strategy. In our experience, businesses often fall into two categories – they either possess limited data or too much of it! In respect of the latter, a common problem is affording the time and resource to analyse significant datasets and make sense of it all.

This process has been simplified and speeded up with our new-to-market Survey Centre. As an on-line platform, it includes a host of survey templates (including remote working) that enable you to acquire the insight into the topics that are important to your business.

As part of your employee engagement research you can survey the opinions of your staff in relation to home working. Equally you can canvass your customers to establish the impact that remote working has had on their interactions with your people and the wider business.

The Survey Centre is easily accessible with your own login and results are analysed in real-time. All the data is consolidated in one place, enabling you to compare performance across teams, departments, divisions, and regional offices. This helps you to identify common themes quickly.

Remote Working Solutions

In addition to helping you understand your internal and external needs through data, we can work with you to shape the appropriate solutions for your leaders and staff through coaching and mentorship.

Our on-line Remote Leaders Programme demonstrates to leaders how they can set themselves up for success. To make it through the current crisis leaders will need to adapt, demonstrate resilience and plan effectively to ensure their teams remain motivated, connected, and effective.

Based on six core modules, the Remote Leaders Programme addresses the impact of working from home on leaders and teams. This insight will help you to drive business productivity and performance.

1. Getting Started – Explores leader mindset towards leading others and working remotely

2. Environment – Considers the influence of different work environments on people and performance

3. Relationships – Assesses the challenges around personal interaction, communication, and engagement

4. Healthy Body – Looks into the lifestyle choices and daily routines that play a significant role in happiness at work

5. Healthy Mind – Identifies key strategies for personal wellbeing and positive mindset

6. Progress – Analyses purpose, development, results, and achievements

To compliment this programme, we have also launched a series of on-line learning for employees at all levels to enhance their performance as remote workers.


Finally, with the research undertaken and your remote working plan and strategy in place, there is one fundamental stage in the process to complete. This is measurement of course – your performance indicator. Ensure you measure your progress against the agreed remote working objectives at regular review meetings.

This can be supported with the circulation of a repeat remote working survey as a benchmark for improvement based on your strategy and actions.

The transition to remote working in recent months has been significant and it looks set to change the way people live and work for the foreseeable future and beyond. Considering this, it has never been more important to meet the evolving needs of your staff and customers through targeted research, planning, strategy, and measurement.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash