How to help your staff avoid work related stress

As a leadership coach I’ve had the privilege to work with some fantastic businesses and inspirational people over the years. All with their own unique set of aspirations and challenges. No two are the same and that is what makes work and life so fascinating. 

So, whether I’m coaching young professionals, senior managers, directors, CEOs, or business owners, it pains me to see significant stress at every level. Of course, this is all relative, but it is very real too. The impact of stress on an individual, their colleagues, family, and friends shouldn’t be understated.

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Back stronger and online!

In March when COVID-19 struck, there was little warning of what was to come. I like many others was not prepared for lockdown, the change in working practices and the shift to remote operations.

The impact on our business has been profound. Before the pandemic, a typical day might see me host a personal development day for up to 10 people and a series of one-to-one coaching sessions for industry CEO’s and leaders. These face-to-face interactions enabled me to capture the mood of the room, read body language and glance into the whites of a person’s eyes.

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Leading Remote Teams

The impact of COVID-19 has been far reaching. Amid a wave of uncertainty, economic turmoil and job insecurity, employees are looking to their leaders for direction and reassurance.

The speed at which the virus spread left many businesses, large and small, unprepared for the ensuing disruption and forced a hasty adoption of new working practices. But where there is challenge, there is opportunity.

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