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Learn Why Leadership Development Training Is So Important

Why is Leadership Development Training Important?

Leadership  Development Training is a vital element in any organisation.  Effective leaders provide the direction and alignment that is the key to meeting commercial objectives, whilst avoiding operational inefficiencies and wasted resources.  Effective leadership delivers better performance and results, increased employee engagement, and more effective personnel.

Every organisation understands the value of leadership, and any employee being led can tell you whether or not their company has effective leadership. The most important thing to understand about great leadership development is that it is not a programme. Great leadership development training is a strategy and culture.  Leadership development builds knowledge of the principles underpinning leadership and provides training in relevant skills and behaviours without dictating leadership style.

Leadership Development Training

A leadership development strategy defines the goals and expectations for leaders in your organisation. It also defines the key capabilities, competencies, and experiences of a successful leader. Those definitions drive leadership selection, rewards, and the various supporting development programs. Managed in this strategic way, leadership development becomes more than simple lip service for your organisation.

When an organisation has defined the strategy and culture for leadership development training, then requirements for the supporting development programmes become easier to recognise. The philosophy for leadership development training with The 21st Century Leadership Company is structured around the needs of our customers and our experience with the leadership journey.  This means that we design our service offerings according to the requirements of the three phases of working life; new/future managers, manager of a team, manager of managers.

Our team works with our clients using the latest research and ideas to develop bespoke leadership solutions based on the above framework.  This initially involves investing time in gathering data to get a rounded picture of the client and their situation in order to address specific needs.  For example, for New/future Manager this may involve enhancing motivation and engagement, focusing on key skills for effective communication and team working and providing the tools for individuals to drive their own development. For Manager of a Team more emphasis would be placed on education and skills building in terms of leadership fundamentals and functional capabilities. Whereas for Manager of Managers, the focus would be on providing the support and challenge individuals need from outside their immediate business environment and exploring creativity as a key driver for 21st century vision.

If you are considering leadership development training in your organisation and would be interested in having a free initial consultation with a member of our team, please contact us on 01925 730209 for more details.

Personal Development in the Workplace – how to improve employee engagement?

Personal Development in the Workplace

How to improve employee engagement:

The personal development of staff should play an integral role in any business and is a vital aspect when looking how to improve employee engagement. Without investment in the tools and assessment systems to enable businesses to easily facilitate the training and development of staff, employees can easily lack motivation and become disengaged, which can directly impact productivity, morale, and ultimately staff turnover.

Research from OnePoll revealed that 47.8% of employees working within SMEs feel that their personal development isn’t being taken seriously by their employer, while a staggering 66% have no kind of personal development plan whatsoever. These statistics confirm that despite the demonstrable benefits of an engaged and motivated workforce, the personal development of employees is far from a priority for the majority of SME business owners across the UK.

According to Saba’s Employee Development survey conducted in September 2015, 32% of surveyed employees said they were “likely” or “very likely” to look for new jobs in the next 6 months. Investing in personal development and learning how to improve employee engagement will make your staff feel valued and more motivated. If employees feel valued your staff turnover and absenteeism should drop considerably and well trained staff will give your business a competitive advantage over rival businesses.

The best run companies are those that manage employees in a structured and caring way – balancing the requirement to achieve company targets with developing employees’ work place skills with goals and training.

Our Personal Development Programme

Our Personal Development Workshop uses the Strength Deployment Inventory, which is a validated self-assessment tool that helps people understand their motives, values and what is important to them when relating with others. The SDI is based on relationship awareness theory, by using this as the basis for our Personal Development Workshop, we enable attendees to improve their business and personal relationships by helping them to understand how other people see things and apply this awareness to their interactions with others.

For an introduction to personal development with The 21st Century Leadership Company, please look at our webpage: Personal Development Workshop

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Employee Engagement - The 21st Century Leadership Company

The Benefits of Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement ?

Many businesses have areas in which they can improve, employee engagement is just one of these important aspects that need addressing in order to improve productivity and increase overall profits.

As business grow and there is increased competition it is a necessity to have employees engaged! Less than half your employees will find that they are not engaged in what they are doing creating a negative spiral effect over the flow of your business.


What are the benefits of Employee Engagement?

As a leader within a business you must be able to ask yourself two questions in terms of your employee’s engagement; What are we asking employees to engage in?; What do they need to be engaged?

The statistics speak for themselves as to why this is an important factor for your business to address.

  • Up to 2/3 of all employees are 33% as productive due to not knowing what they are being asked to do. (The Conference Board, 2006)
  • Businesses with more engaged employees have 51% higher productivity(Harter, J.K., Schmidt, F.L., & HayesT.L., Psychology, 2002 Vol. 87, No. 2)


Employee Engagement Programmes

Using an on-line self-service programme we deliver resources, activities and measures to ensure employees are engaged in what they are doing. Through this service you will find your employees are well driven, have a vastly improved level of productivity and show a truly well-led team.

Through our employee engagement programme you can help to discover and develop both team and personal goals! We measure seven key areas of employee engagement through an extensive survey and compile the results, you as a team can then meet to review the scores and set out goals to reach.

The Employee engagement program helps to seek out areas for improvement which are met head on in our speed training. Speed training consists of fun, team activities that relate to the indicators identified. Employee engagement speed training is an easy and fun process in which through the use of an engagement toolkit and online resources you are able to promote understanding of issues both work and relationship.

Each employee also can keep track of their action goals, track progress and also access resources from their own personal web space.

If you are interested in an employee engagement programme, we can help. Hereare details of our Employee Engagement Programme:

Employee Engagement Workshop

Contact the office for bookings & enquiries 01925 7302019 or