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Do you know what motivates you to succeed?

Effective relationships are critical for business success. In all our programmes and development activities we use the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), which is a validated self-assessment tool that helps people understand their motives, values and what is important to them when relating with others.

It plays off people’s basic need to better understand themselves and others, and that understanding allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict, therefore enabling attendees to improve their business and personal relationships by helping them to understand how other people see things and apply this awareness to their interactions with others.

Due to high popularity, we have added an extra date on our SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) Personal Development Workshop. Book you place on 22nd August now, to avoid disappointment: /personal-development-workshop/

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Supporting School Leadership in the 21st Century

Many of the key challenges for leaders in education from 2016 will continue into 2017: reduced funding, recruitment and retention issues, workload and well-being, further changes to examinations and accountability measures.  The challenge for school leaders is getting ever greater and the resources are growing ever tighter.

Ensuring there is a sustainable pipeline of leadership talent at all levels has become an increasingly important focus for heads, CEOs, boards and HR Directors in education, where sustained high performance and growth are strategic priorities.

Just as the quality of an education cannot exceed the quality of its teachers, education providers cannot sustain impact or grow faster than the quality of its leadership pipeline.  By investing early in spotting talent, developing it and planning succession, you can enable greater impact in the long run.

Join me and industry expert Dave Atkin at The 21st Century Leadership Company’s workshop “Supporting School Leadership in the 21st Century” on 30th March at our new training facility in Warrington, where you will get to discuss this important topic with experts and other influential leaders in education.

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Leadership in Education Event Flyer

New Dates Released for the Life, Leadership & Engagement Academy


Our programmes are client-centred and adopt a whole life perspective. Our clients are encouraged to examine themselves and their environment in order to enhance their performance and fulfilment. This provides a personally tailored approach to learning and development, which is time limited, goal-orientated and offers objectivity. The result? You’ll be equipped with the clarity, confidence & motivation to deliver success in today’s business world!

Who should attend?
Ideal for new or future managers who have demonstrated their potential as a technical specialist and individual contributor and need to develop a new set of skills to become a leader. Days can be taken as part of a programme,or individually.


What will you learn?

The programme covers 9 main topics over 6 single days. Completion of all or even part of the programme will make a major contribution to the development of anyone seeking to improve their performance in 2016.

To book on to any of the modules, please call 01925 730209. For more information click here.

Leadership, Engagement & Creativity

Leadership Development

By maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and supporting them on their leadership journeys, we have developed greater understanding of the challenges of Leading in the 21st Century. We have found that the quickest and most effective route to success in improving performance is applying our philosophy:

Leadership + Engagement = Performance

With this formula now well-established, we are looking at ways to further develop our offering to customers by addressing a major challenge faced by most companies, namely, how do we sustain our improved performance? At The 21st century Leadership Company, we believe that the answer to this question lies in Creativity.

Creativity has always been at the heart of human endeavour and is the precursor to innovation. It is becoming increasingly recognised as central to organisational performance.
Creativity is a fundamental competency of Leadership.

Creativity is the ability to produce ideas that are new and useful and the extent to which the leader recognises, values, nurtures and champions the creativity of others and is able to combine ideas, people, processes and environment to generate creative output. Creativity is manifest in the ability to identify problems and potential solutions, the ability to tolerate ambiguity, to be original and a willingness to take risks. Most importantly however, being creative involves the ability to produce ideas that are new, useful and that solve problems.

Creativity is a key driver of Engagement.

The creative process within an organisation is never the responsibility of one individual. However, a leader is the key contributor to the creative process as a facilitator of creative ideas. The leader can provide an environment that is conducive to creativity. This can be achieved by sensitive communication and building an authentic, supportive and collaborative climate.

Creativity thrives in environments that are fun, trusting, autonomous, place less emphasis on hierarchy, sensibly embrace risk, allow learning from failure and accept failure as likely during the creating and innovating process.

Be part of the solution: Cutting-edge research proposal:

We are collaborating with an MSc student at Manchester Business School on a national research study to investigate the relationships between Leadership, Engagement and Innovation & Creativity Climate in organisations. If you are interested in this subject or your company would like the opportunity to be involved please contact us.

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.
Edward de Bono

Learn Why Leadership Development Training Is So Important

Why is Leadership Development Training Important?

Leadership  Development Training is a vital element in any organisation.  Effective leaders provide the direction and alignment that is the key to meeting commercial objectives, whilst avoiding operational inefficiencies and wasted resources.  Effective leadership delivers better performance and results, increased employee engagement, and more effective personnel.

Every organisation understands the value of leadership, and any employee being led can tell you whether or not their company has effective leadership. The most important thing to understand about great leadership development is that it is not a programme. Great leadership development training is a strategy and culture.  Leadership development builds knowledge of the principles underpinning leadership and provides training in relevant skills and behaviours without dictating leadership style.

Leadership Development Training

A leadership development strategy defines the goals and expectations for leaders in your organisation. It also defines the key capabilities, competencies, and experiences of a successful leader. Those definitions drive leadership selection, rewards, and the various supporting development programs. Managed in this strategic way, leadership development becomes more than simple lip service for your organisation.

When an organisation has defined the strategy and culture for leadership development training, then requirements for the supporting development programmes become easier to recognise. The philosophy for leadership development training with The 21st Century Leadership Company is structured around the needs of our customers and our experience with the leadership journey.  This means that we design our service offerings according to the requirements of the three phases of working life; new/future managers, manager of a team, manager of managers.

Our team works with our clients using the latest research and ideas to develop bespoke leadership solutions based on the above framework.  This initially involves investing time in gathering data to get a rounded picture of the client and their situation in order to address specific needs.  For example, for New/future Manager this may involve enhancing motivation and engagement, focusing on key skills for effective communication and team working and providing the tools for individuals to drive their own development. For Manager of a Team more emphasis would be placed on education and skills building in terms of leadership fundamentals and functional capabilities. Whereas for Manager of Managers, the focus would be on providing the support and challenge individuals need from outside their immediate business environment and exploring creativity as a key driver for 21st century vision.

If you are considering leadership development training in your organisation and would be interested in having a free initial consultation with a member of our team, please contact us on 01925 730209 for more details.