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Creativity & Innovation

Creativity has always been at the heart of human endeavour and is the precursor to innovation. It is becoming increasingly recognised as central to organisational performance, and is a fundamental competency of Leadership.

Creativity is the ability to produce ideas that are new and useful and the extent to which the leader recognises, values, nurtures and champions the creativity of others and is able to combine ideas, people, processes and environment to generate creative output. It is manifest in the ability to identify problems and potential solutions, the ability to tolerate ambiguity, to be original and a willingness to take risks. Most importantly however, being creative involves the ability to produce ideas that are new, useful and that solve problems.

Creativity is a key driver of Engagement.

The creative process within an organisation is never the responsibility of one individual. However, a leader is the key contributor to the creative process as a facilitator of creative ideas. The leader can provide an environment that is conducive to creativity. This can be achieved by sensitive communication and building an authentic, supportive and collaborative climate. Creativity thrives in environments that are fun, trusting, autonomous, place less emphasis on hierarchy, sensibly embrace risk, allow learning from failure and accept failure as likely during the creating and innovating process.

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