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Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) 2.0 has landed!

It’s a game-changer for work relationships and performance

Relationships within the business environment are critical to productivity and performance. So, if you are experiencing difficulties with team dynamics and conflict, then ask yourself why?

In almost every case this boils down to a breakdown in relationships. A hugely frustrating occurrence that significantly reduces the likelihood of the business meeting its objectives and employees becoming engaged.

Build a workplace where people thrive

By getting people to understand themselves (and each other) at their core, productivity and motivation rises exponentially.

The recently launched SDI 2.0 platform facilitates this. It gives you access to relationship intelligence in real-time via a dedicated online portal and across all mobile devices. This is a game-changer for the development of personal interactions and maximises the outcomes from meetings, workshops, calls, and emails.

Check out how you can manage your important relationships on-the-go through the new SDI app

And see for yourself how the widely talked-about outlook plugin transforms your email communications

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits :

> Take a simple 30-minute online assessment and get to understand your key motives and strengths

> Access the motivational value system of you and others in your team on-line. And use this to create more effective and productive relationships within the workplace

> Access a host of resources (on-the-go and in real time) that provide you with hints and tips on how to interact with different members of the team

> Access the profiles for each of your colleagues in the teams section of the platform via your pc, laptop or other mobile device. Compare yourself with others to get a better understanding around your approach

> Plan your interactions and communications to achieve those important goals. Review a person’s profile before a call or meeting and think about the sort of questions you need to ask and what you are going to talk about

> Develop your relationship skills and maximise the outcomes from the SDI 2.0 through dedicated training and coaching

Chris Scarr – UK Head of Business Finance / Global Head of PM Support:

“We initially started using SDI 2.0 to aid our team engagement efforts in the UK. The initial training was really well received by everyone with no exceptions. It created a common language that the team could use to talk openly about relationship challenges, which would have otherwise been avoided or resulted in unnecessary conflict. Through the continued use of this common language and discussing the topic in small teams it has led us to know much more about ourselves, each other, and leverage our collective strengths.  We have had a number of ‘light bulb moments’ in which individuals have realised, ‘Oh that’s why they do that’. Simply by having the knowledge of another person’s motives it has help us all interpret an approach or request in a more positive way.” Read more here

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