Employee Engagement

Our engagement programmes use an on-line self-service programme of activities, measures and resources designed to create a well-led, motivated and highly productive workforce. The underpinning philosophy  is an inside-out rather than a top-down approach to managing engagement, which promotes individuals taking ownership for improving the quality of their work life.

To enhance our employee engagement solutions we use the An Even Better Place To Work™ programme, which is based on measuring seven key indicators of employee engagement in a 28 item survey. Results are immediately available and teams meet to review scores and set team and personal goals. Areas for improvement are identified and addressed through speed training in the form of short, fun, team activities relating to the seven engagement indicators. These are easy to run using an engagement toolkit and online resources and promote insightful conversations with colleagues about work and relationship issues. Employees also have their own confidential web space to access resources, record their action goals and track progress on the seven key indicators.

Employee Engagement Measures

Want a quick overview?

Level 1 – The Diagnostic:

Level 2 – The Solution:

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