Leadership Development

Our approach is to bring the leadership development education that supports global brands to the UK SME business’s.  Utilising government funding we can help make this easily accessible and provide you a key advantage in growing your business.

The basis of our philosophy is structured around the needs of our customers and our experience with the leadership journey. This means that we design our service offerings according to the requirements of the three phases of working life; new/future managers, manager of a team, manager of managers.

3 Stages

Our team works with our clients using the latest research and ideas to develop bespoke leadership solutions based on the above framework. This initially involves investing time in gathering data to get a rounded picture of the client and their situation in order to address specific needs. For example, for New/future Manager this may involve enhancing motivation and engagement, focusing on key skills for effective communication and team working and providing the tools for individuals to drive their own development. For Manager of a Team more emphasis would be placed on education and skills building in terms of leadership fundamentals and functional capabilities. Whereas for Manager of Managers, the focus would be on providing the support and challenge individuals need from outside their immediate business environment and exploring creativity as a key driver for 21st century vision.

If you are considering leadership and team development in your organisation and would be interested in having a free initial consultation with a member of our team, please contact us for more details.