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Leader of Today

Leader of today is the second level of the LLEA journey. It is ideal for advanced managers of teams who already have the foundations of the basic leadership education and are required to manage a business function and lead teams effectively.  The overarching aim of the programme is to build on the foundation leadership skills and knowledge by developing leadership capabilities.

The programme is based on the Farsight Integrated Leadership Model and diagnostics, which provides a comprehensive framework for assessing and developing leadership in individuals.

Using self-assessment and 360 feedback  prior to commencing the course, delegates are put into Action Learning Groups (ALG).

Leader of today is delivered across 5 one day facilitated workshops covering: Leadership Model and Focus on Authenticity; Vision and Planning; Decision- Making and Collaboration; Influence and Creativity; Growth and Engagement. These modules combined will provide the education, skills and behaviours required to take leadership to new levels. For more information or to discuss your leadership development needs, please call 01925 730 209.

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View course overview here: Leader of today

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