Graduate Coaching

Your Future Your Way

These are uncertain times for graduates up and down the country. Unclear about the status of their academic year and studies due to COVID-19, coupled with an ever-changing employment landscape – there is much to consider.

So what is the likely impact on your wellbeing, self-esteem and future aspirations? In truth, this will largely depend on your mindset and the choices you make in the months ahead.

As a positive next step, our Graduate Mentorship Programme ‘Your Future Your Way’ addresses all of these needs and sets out to maximise your own personal development. Your destiny and future success is nurtured through the support and vision of our graduate coaching team.

The one 2 one programme is split into three optional modules:

Your Future insight (Module 1) – 30 or 60 minute informal chat with our Managing Director – Chris Whiteley, an awarding-winning leadership and personal development coach. This conversation is all about you – your needs, aspirations and goals. It’s also an honest assessment of your strengths and key areas for improvement.

You will be asked to carry out a survey with a specific set of key indicators, each of which directly impacts on your own personal development and wellbeing.

Personal Development Plan (Module 2) – This is your blueprint for personal and professional success. Based on the initial insight given as part of your informal chat (Module 1) we will work with you to map out your future journey, aligned to your key goals.

Mentorship (Module 3) – This is the final piece in your personal development jigsaw. Here we measure the progress you are making and provide ‘one 2 one’ support through your own dedicated mentor.

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