Survey Centre

Business critical insights

Imagine surveying your entire workforce or customer base and consolidating all the feedback in one centralised online platform. Then being able to draw upon important insights to help maximise wellbeing, employee engagement, customer experience and business performance.

Well the good news is that you can achieve all of this and more with our dynamic Survey Centre.

Easy to use platform

Access ready-to-go surveys quickly and easily with your own login. Analyse your data and results in real-time with clearly presented visuals. And pinpoint common themes throughout your business to bring about positive change.

Key indicators

The Survey Centre incorporates 8 key indicators that directly impact on business performance. Each one is represented with a survey template including COVID-19, Remote Leadership, Remote Working, Wellbeing, Relationships, Customer Satisfaction, Procurement and Team Performance.

In addition to the standard templates, you can create customised surveys based on the indicators important to your business.


  • Maximise business outcomes through a greater understanding of employee and customer needs
  • Flexible system – accessible in the office, remotely or on-the-go
  • Compare survey results across teams, departments, divisions and regional offices to identify key areas for improvements
  • Real-time datasets allow for quicker and more informed decision-making
  • Save time on administration with an automated and centralised online platform
  • Staff can take ownership for improving their own scores and collaborating with colleagues to add value within their teams
  • Individual scores remain confidential

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Kal Ali, Project Coordinator

“The 21st Century Leadership Company’s Wellbeing Survey has enabled our leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse of what is important to our colleagues throughout this period of uncertainty.
The real time information on our colleagues wellbeing needs has been a priceless tool in supporting our team’s welfare and ensuring that the topic of wellbeing is front and centre within our business.
The flexibility of the tool has meant that we can adapt the survey timings to suit the needs of our people and the business as their requirements and the environment around us evolves.
The Wellbeing Survey has been an important part of our strategy for supporting and engaging with our Finance colleagues on the topic of their wellbeing throughout the ongoing COVID crisis.”