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Chris Whiteley is an award-winning leadership coach, whose career has spanned over 39 years. His unique brand of humour, compassion and mentorship has positively influenced the careers of Executives, Senior Management, Directors, Business Owners, and CEO’s.

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Chris's ethos is simple and yet highly effective. People are more interesting than spreadsheets! He has dedicated himself to exploring individual’s mindsets, thought processes and aspirations to accelerate personal development. Self-awareness is at the core of this fulfilling journey, helping to improve relationships through understanding a person’s perspectives and applying this awareness to interactions with others.

Widely respected and acknowledged as a leader in his field, Chris is a charismatic coach who brings out the best in people. Whether that be raised self-esteem, greater confidence, improved performance or simply the ability to chase a dream with purpose – everything is achievable with the right mindset. His engaging, fun, sometimes direct and inspiring coaching style has helped to nurture high-performing talent and teams across many fields of business. Clients have included Siemens, Ramboll, Shell, The Co-op, Chubb, Vinci, and many in the education sector.

‘Great teams are born from great leaders’, you’ll here him say. In 2021 this led to the development of the ‘leading healthy teams’ programme that has brought widespread success to organisations, large and small. In doing so, Chris has transformed many leaders and helped them build thriving teams. In each case this involves a deep understanding of new working practices, leadership styles, motivations, needs and aspirations.

Before stepping foot into the coaching arena, Chris spent 21 years in a complex multinational organisation, Siemens PLC, as Financial Director of their Major Projects Division. Here he enjoyed extensive success in frontline business, while gaining significant leadership experience that extended across divisions and countries.

As someone who is dyslexic and found studying for exams challenging, his journey from apprentice at 18 years old, up the corporate ladder and through to successful business owner, is an immensely proud achievement.

He now shares all this experience with those who need it most. The next generation of Leaders!


Learn how to create healthy leaders and teams.

Let's connect.

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Chris Whiteley - 07796 177120

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