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Wellbeing in Schools

As a highly experienced coaching team, each of us is striving to reverse a worrying trend within schools – the lack of priority given to senior leaders and teachers’ wellbeing.


The publication of the Teacher Wellbeing Index 2023 (a survey of over 3,004 education staff) concluded that:

  • 78% of all education staff are stressed (3% increase on 2022)

  • 89% of all senior leaders (rising to 95% among headteachers) and 78% of school teachers reported feeling stressed

  • 36% of school teachers reported experiencing burn-out (9% increase on 2022)

Driving Positive Change


We understand the fear and frustration experienced by senior leaders and teachers.  Increased workloads, OFSTED inspections, targets and pupil issues are just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s more monetary constraints are hampering leadership attempts to run schools effectively. Many operate with one hand tied behind their back. Put simply, they are being asked to do more with less!

These obstacles are causing significant stress and wellbeing issues for the very people that require investment and support to make our education system great again. This impact is felt right down the chain too, from leadership through to teachers, support staff and pupils.


The school wellbeing crisis proved to be a catalyst for the launch of the Leading Healthy Teams toolkit, specifically created to understand and address leadership and team needs. Importantly these toolkits can be used independently of any coaching or training. They are also adapted to very limited school budgets to tackle wellbeing concerns, relationships, conflict, retention, performance and much more.

Our partnerships with the likes of WPAT and TCAT have already helped to drive positive change within the school system at a leadership and team level.


Learn how to transform leadership and team wellbeing.

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