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Wellbeing Toolkit

Through discussions with our large education network including industry bodies, independent and state schools, we have designed our wellbeing solutions based on the current climate and challenges within education.

Using the wellbeing survey is a precursor to getting the most out of our wellbeing toolkit.

The results from your wellbeing survey identify the key underlying themes and causes of wellbeing concerns within the school. Having listened to your teachers and staff, it's now time to act!


Creating happy & thriving teams



Understanding the needs of teachers and staff is fundamental first step in adopting a proactive wellbeing strategy. However, commonly data is often sat on, not analysed properly, or never acted upon. This can be deeply damaging for staff morale. This is where the wellbeing toolkit in conjunction with the survey can make a significant impact in bringing about positive change.



Through a combination of the wellbeing toolkit and survey, schools are presented with an affordable, scalable and workable solution that addresses wellbeing concerns head on. 

The wellbeing toolkit is designed to accompany the survey to provide a direct measure of progress. When combined, these two interventions provide a comprehensive solution to enhancing wellbeing. The toolkit comprises short, fun, team-based activities centred around several key indicators of wellbeing.

Completing the activities in the toolkit will develop a team’s capacity to improve wellbeing, the effectiveness of its approach and the quality of work life for team members. Furthermore, next time the team takes the survey there will be a tangible outcome to reflect the extent of progress being made.


Learn how to transform leadership and team wellbeing.

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