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Leading Healthy Teams

Analysing leaders in isolation from teams doesn’t get to the root cause of day-to-day challenges, or vice versa. The two need to be understood, trusted, and connected. What's more, aligned with a performance mindset.

It was this journey of discovery that led to the development of the Leading Healthy Teams (LHT) programme that is designed to increase team performance by focusing on development of the leader.

Meanwhile the LHT toolkit is focused on increasing team performance through development of the team.

Put People at the heart of Performance

Leading Healthy Teams Programme 


The Leading Healthy Teams programme has been proven to help with the development of leaders, build more effective teams, enhance wellbeing and improve performance.

Develop your leaders > Utilise proven techniques and strategies to realise the full potential of leaders. Develop their mindset to build an inclusive and high-performing team.

Team performance > Develop cohesive and connected teams that have each other back. Anything is possible when people have the right mindset and buy into a shared vision.

Wellbeing > Understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of everyone. This includes comprehensive support to help individuals enjoy their roles and thrive.

Get results! > Connect the dots between leaders and teams. A powerful formula that inspires great outcomes.

As part of the programme, we explore self-awareness, mindset, communication, relationships, team needs, and performance. It really does help leaders and teams connect and thrive:

Surveys > Understand leadership and team needs through relationship intelligence to map out the path to improvement and success.

Group workshops > Address the key themes from the team survey through interactive activities, brainstorming, problem-solving and root cause analysis.

1-2-1 coaching > Apply proven techniques to help each team member become the best version of themselves.

Assessments > Embed learning and developments through homework-style tasks that align everyone around a common purpose and key goals.

Action plan > Agree leadership and team priorities to improve personal development, wellbeing and performance.

Measurement > Measure progress against objectives to evidence effective leadership and team development.


Learn how to transform leadership and team wellbeing.

Let's connect.

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