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LHT Toolkit Contents

LHT Toolkit

An affordable team effectiveness programme for businesses with tight budgets that can be managed in-house without the need for a coach or trainer.

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Leading Healthy Teams Toolkit

Unlock the full potential of your team with our Leading Healthy Teams Toolkit & Team Performance Survey, a budget-friendly, in-house solution designed for businesses that want to boost team effectiveness without the need for external coaches or trainers.

While coaching and its associated leadership and team programmes can pay back multiple times over, we understand that many businesses simply don’t have the budget to invest.


So, we’ve put together a toolkit (based on our experience of team challenges over a 20-year period) that can be used independently of any coaching or training. It’s an off-the-shelf package that includes a survey and a collection of activities that are undertaken by the team. 


Of course, there is the option to opt for coaching support at any point throughout the toolkit journey should you need specialist input or another perspective.


We recommend that the toolkit is managed by a leader and supported with regular group sessions, to ensure you are meeting the needs of your team. Any underlying themes identified as part of the team survey, should be acted upon and measured through the toolkit activities to ensure success.   



Empower your team to grow and improve autonomously.


Exclusive Support

Dedicated help desk with trained facilitators to offer additional guidance whenever you need it.


Affordable pricing from as little as £35 per head* with no renewal agreements.


Team Cohesion

Unites and connects team members, fostering stronger relationships.


Measuring and Improving Team Performance

A genuinely committed team can be the most valuable resource that a leader has. Yet a team may fall short of its potential because the fundamentals of healthy teams are undervalued, not applied effectively or simply forgotten. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success; each team must find its own path to responding to its unique performance challenge.

The Leading Healthy Teams Toolkit is designed to accompany a survey that measures team performance. When combined, these two interventions provide a comprehensive solution to enhancing team performance and growing leadership. The toolkit comprises short, fun, team-based activities centred around seven indicators of team performance:

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