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Case Study

Siemens invested in the Leading Healthy Team programme as part of their commitment to the development of their sales leadership team. The highly successful programme included senior leadership coaching, team engagement and relationship intelligence.

Steve Hanslow, Head of Vertical Sales at Siemens Digital Industries, provides an insight into how the partnership has left them well placed to understand, develop, mentor, and support their teams to thrive and perform.


When Siemens Digital Industries approached The 21st Century Leadership Company (The 21st CLC) to discuss leadership development and excellence, it was the start of a highly successful partnership.

As an innovation leader and global tech brand, Siemens is thinking ahead to the next stage of digital transformation through the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, industrial 5G, blockchain and additive manufacturing, are all integral to their innovative development cycle.

This exciting and ground-breaking journey is overseen by Head of Vertical Sales for Siemens Digital Industries, Steve Hanslow. Steve is responsible for managing vertical sales heads across several divisions, covering key sectors that include Food and Beverage, Process, Pharma, Chemicals, and others.

As part of Siemens Digital Industries commitment to accelerate digital transformation of multiple industries to scale sustainability impact, they invest significantly in the development of their people. Most recently this involved a learning and development initiative undertaken with the entire sales leadership team.

Key Areas of Focus

Following extensive engagement with internal stakeholders, The 21st CLC proposed their proven Leading Healthy Teams programme as a scalable online and face-to face learning and development medium. Here, the focus centred on leadership collaboration, alignment, and excellence. This theme was then brought to life through a series of modules and proven techniques covering purpose, goals, relationships, communication, engagement, wellbeing, performance mindset and performance management.

Steve Hanslow, explained the catalyst behind this investment in the development of his sales leadership team, saying: “When I started the position as Head of Vertical Sales it was important to get a flavour of the team dynamic. It’s good to understand people’s motivational values, what makes them tick, their needs, and challenges. From here, it was very much about how we create some common ground. Ensuring everybody is on the same page and pulling in the same direction. In essence I wanted to create a community of inspirational leaders with a shared set of values and a collective purpose.”

In addition to his direct reports, Steve also has several indirect sales reports, all of whom participated in the Leading Healthy Teams programme.

Steve added: “With so many people to manage it’s essential that everyone aligns around a common theme of leadership. I want each manager to lead, more so than manage. This comes with the responsibility to understand the needs of their teams, invest in their development, and support everyone to perform effectively.” 



Prior to the delivery of the Leading Healthy Teams programme the sales leadership team were asked to participate in the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) from Core Strengths. This on-line assessment platform applies a science-backed relationship intelligence methodology to help people understand themselves and how they interact with others. It involves a study of an individual’s key motives, strengths, and conflict sequences.

These insights proved to be pivotal in gaining an understanding of the team and applying every element of the programme to achieve tangible value.

Each development module involved one-to-one online sessions with all the sales managers. Following this everyone came together as a group, face-to-face, to discuss a wide range of thoughts and ideas.

At this point, the programme really started to have a positive impact on the team. Steve picked up on this, saying: “The one-to-ones and group discussion got the team thinking. Everybody expressed an opinion, we pushed the boundaries, and there was plenty of healthy debate. Importantly, we saw like-minded individuals come together to connect more effectively as a team, explore new ways to collaborate and instigate positive change.”

The programme involved three specialist coaches from The 21st CLC. All of whom rotated amongst the Siemens Digital Industries sales managers as part of the one-to-one sessions. Through a combination of direct engagement, workshops, surveys and assessments, learning was quickly embedded as business as usual throughout the sales division. This prompted sales leaders to work closely with their teams on personal development initiatives, while prioritising any wellbeing concerns.

The benefits of the programme have extended far beyond the leadership team. “Leading Healthy Teams has built a better connection between our leaders and teams. We’ve seen greater alignment and collaboration across the sales function at every level. The programme has also positioned our sales managers as leaders and mentors to their teams, while employee satisfaction has improved as a direct result of The 21st CLCs interventions,” commented Steve.


The Leading Healthy Teams programme brings together a diverse group of people with different motivational values to consider the bigger picture.

This requires everyone to be self-aware and honest for the benefit of the team. A scenario that that fosters positive connections, collaborative working, and an aligned team ethos.

Lorna White, The Leading Healthy Teams Programme Lead for The 21st CLC, gained inspiration from the Siemens Digital Industries team. Commenting on the experience she said: “Throughout the whole process each sales manager fully committed to the one-to ones, workshops, and learning. It was incredibly refreshing to see their appetite for strengthening the team bond even further and aligning effectively as a group of leaders around common goals. As coaches, it gives us immense satisfaction when learning is acted upon so quickly and successfully across the team.”

The people-focused culture that exists within the Siemens Group is reflected in the Digital Industries Divisions commitment to investing in its sales leadership team. A development initiative of this nature focuses on the needs, wellbeing, and future progression of every leader.

Steve summarised his experience of the Leading Healthy Teams programme saying: “Our engagement with The 21st CLC has been incredibly rewarding for myself and every leader. The programme was first class. It helped to create a connected leadership group, allowing them to develop professionally and support their teams in the best way possible. This created positive outcomes for individuals, their teams, and the wider business. I would have no hesitation in recommending the programme to any organisation seeking to effectively develop their leaders and teams.”


The Leading Healthy Teams programme assisted Siemens Digital Industries Division to align its extensive leadership sales team around a common purpose and approach through enhanced collaboration.

What’s more the interactive sessions and learnings have helped to reinforce the difference between managing and leading, and how to create a healthy team.

The Siemens Digital Industries sales team are now well placed to understand, develop, mentor, and support their teams to thrive and perform.


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