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Wellbeing Survey

The Teacher Wellbeing Index 2023 (a survey of over 3,004 education staff) concluded that wellbeing in the sector is poor and continues to decline. Senior leaders remain at particular risk and there has also been a significant decline in the overall wellbeing of classroom teachers.

It is no surprise then that Sinéad McBrearty, Chief Executive of Education Support pulled no punches in her assessment - “These are not findings that anyone wants to see. Our education workforce is stressed and unhappy at work. Such high levels of burnout, overwork and loneliness will not lead to a world class education system.”

As part of our commitment to reverse this trend in schools, The 21st Century Leadership Company has launched a Wellbeing survey and Activity Toolkit. The primary aim here is to identify the key wellbeing concerns within schools and act upon them to bring about positive change.​

Addressing Teacher Wellbeing: A Solution for Schools

The Challenge

Heads and teachers across both independent and state schools are facing unprecedented pressure. This growing strain is leading to an increasing number of educators contemplating leaving the profession. The dilemma is how to address this worrying trend quickly and effectively...

The Solution


Our comprehensive approach offers a swift and effective remedy to this pressing issue. By combining our online wellbeing survey with a practical toolkit, schools can tackle wellbeing concerns directly. This affordable and scalable solution helps create a healthier, more supportive environment for all staff members.


Step 1: Wellbeing Survey

The first step is to understand the key wellbeing themes within your school. Our wellbeing survey, hosted on a secure software platform, is designed for this purpose. The survey consists of 28 questions based on 7 key indicators, including:





The survey is easy to navigate and only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Each teacher and staff member receives a confidential login to complete the survey online, ensuring privacy and encouraging honest feedback. Results are available immediately, providing real-time insights into the wellbeing landscape across your team and school.

Step 2: Wellbeing Toolkit

Once the survey results are collected, our toolkit offers a series of targeted activities designed to address the specific wellbeing concerns identified. These activities are easy to implement and tailored to foster a supportive and positive working environment.

By understanding and addressing the wellbeing needs of your staff, you can help retain your valued educators and create a more positive and productive school culture. Our solution is both practical and transformative, ensuring that the wellbeing of your staff is prioritized and effectively managed.

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