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Heads’ are now facing up to unprecedented financial and strategic pressures, the changing landscape of staff and parent expectations, increased external accountability, and staff wellbeing concerns. What’s more there is a need for heads to develop their teams and delegate more of their duties to maintain effective operations.

Of course, heads cannot be experts in everything that goes on in a school.

This is where coaching can help in the development of heads and their senior leadership teams, while addressing some of the key challenges that impact so heavily on day-to-day activities.

Supporting heads to thrive

Become the best version of yourself

Heads should be willing to understand themselves, their relationships within the school and the impact they have on their colleagues. Self-awareness plays an integral part in becoming the best version of yourself.

This time of reflection and self-assessment is an important first step in pressing the reset button. A recognition that adjustments need to be made for oneself, but for the wider benefit of the team too. Success in headship is about getting the best out of others.

Effective leadership & teams

A coach plays a pivotal role in helping heads to devise coping strategies for dealing with pressure, while using proven techniques to build resilience. It is also important to explore how to shape more effective relationships and embrace innovative thinking around addressing challenges and team development. This support mechanism has a significantly positive effect on wellbeing. It also increases confidence, improves decision-making, and inspires great outcomes within the school.

When heads feel completely at ease with themselves and the environment they operate in, they become a more confident and effective leader. At this this point in their journey, this new mindset can be channeled into the creation of a thriving and effective team that allows for greater levels of


School conferences

I addressed heads on the topics above at the Independent Schools Partnership Network (ISPN) North Conference in Manchester on 30 April and the following day in London at the HMC Spring Conference. I can assure you the above is true, so if you need help please reach out.


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