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  • Chris Whiteley

Develop a Performance Mindset

Updated: Mar 17

‘I’m looking for a proven leadership coach to develop my senior management team’. This is a typical statement made regularly by business owners and managing directors looking to instigate positive change within their organisations.

In essence this translates into a cry for help to improve performance.

But then critical business revenues and profit can’t be maximised by simply turning leaders into world beaters. What about the wider team and the connection between the two?

Every single member of staff from juniors up to boardroom level contributes in some way to performance.

So, performance can’t simply be driven solely at a leadership level. It needs to be tackled more holistically across the entire organisation, and more specifically at a team level.

Investing in leadership development only addresses part of the performance issue. Team members need to be brought on the journey too. Sure, leaders need to inspire, but they also need to be respected and understood by their teams to deliver results.

The common denominator here should be mindset. Creating a performance mindset at an individual, team and business level that encompasses everyone.

Food for thought.


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