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  • Chris Whiteley

Clamour for Return to Office

Back in August surveyed 1,000 decision makers to establish their plans for RTO (return to office) throughout 2024.

Here are the key findings:  

  • 9 in 10 companies with office space will have returned to office by 2024

  • Majority currently track or will track employees to ensure in-person attendance

  • 72% say RTO has improved revenue

  • 28% say their company will threaten to fire employees who don’t comply with mandates

These statistics provide much food for thought!

A push to get employees back into the office is reflected in the conversations I’m having with my clients and wider network. This clearly conflicts with the wishes of many employees to remain flexible through a combination of hybrid and remoting working.

Often the clamour for RTO schemes is purely driven by falling revenues and profit! 

However, in my view, this mustn’t come at the cost of understanding the very needs of the people that help to build successful businesses.

It’s interesting then, to learn from another recent study by recruitment company Hays who found that 56% of professional Londoners would not accept a job that does not offer hybrid working. 

This reinforces the significant disconnect between the needs of the employer and employees. 

I’m a big advocate of office working. That said, you can’t alienate employees, and potentially encourage top talent to look elsewhere to satisfy their work aspirations. 

Of course, no two organisations' are the same and therefore one size does not fit all.

Employers and employees must simply engage in a positive way to work out the best solution for both parties. Invariably, this could mean tailoring options for employees to build an inclusive workforce.

One such solution may involve the creation of more part time office-based roles throughout 2024. A scenario that balances the requirement for on-site working with flexible hours to suit the needs of employees.

It’s going to be an interesting year in the workplace.

Watch this space!


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