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Personalised leadership coaching for the development of happy, connected, and high-performing teams

Are you a business owner or director looking to take your leadership team to the next level or a team leader seeking ways to improve team dynamics and performance? 

Our leadership coaching and mentoring helps leaders to:   

  • Improve self-awareness, confidence and decision making
  • Develop insight-led interactions and communications to transform workplace relationships
  • Accelerate personal development to meet or exceed individual and business goals
  • Increase staff engagement and eliminate conflict within teams
  • Implement effective remote working strategies to enhance staff wellbeing and performance
  • Recruit, develop and retain top talent
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Our Clients

Remote Leadership

Resilient and inspirational leadership

The swift transition to remote working during the Coronavirus pandemic has created a major challenge for businesses, large and small.

Leaders are now faced with fragmented teams in need of clear direction and support. And with it, each employee will have their own specific needs to consider.

To make it through the current crisis leaders will need to adapt, demonstrate resilience and plan effectively to ensure their teams remain motivated, connected and effective.

Based on six core modules, our Remote Leaders Programme addresses the impact of working from home on leaders and teams. This insight will help you to drive business productivity and performance. 

1. Getting Started – Explores leader mindset towards leading others and working remotely
2. Environment – Considers the influence of different work environments on people and performance
3. Relationships – Assesses the challenges around personal interaction, communication and engagement
4. Healthy Body – Looks into the lifestyle choices and daily routines that play a significant role in happiness at work
5. Healthy Mind – Identifies key strategies for personal wellbeing and positive mindset
6. Progress – Analyses purpose, development, results and achievements

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Rob Duffield, Portfolio Sales Manager:

“Working through this programme with Lorna has been incredibly timely, inciteful and worthwhile. Having the time to discuss and digest this material over the 6 weeks allowed me to get a better understanding of the situation that we now all find ourselves in.

I feel that I now have a better grip on how to run meetings without seeing faces, how to empathise with team members who haven’t yet opened up and how to motivate people who are working in challenging conditions.

Personally I especially enjoyed the sessions on mental health and physical health, it was useful to be reminded how this underpins all the business level activities and as such how important it is to get that right. “