The 21st Century Leadership Company is an award-winning provider of leadership coaching & employee engagement!

Specialists in leadership development, change management and employee engagement.

Whether your business needs help with building relationships, eliminating conflicts within teams, support in improving leadership capability or essential business skills training for your graduates or apprentices, we are confident that we can provide the resources required to ensure the best possible end result for you and your organisation.

is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology.

“I’ve worked with Chris in a number of guises over the last 8 years. His passion and enthusiasm are second to none. He will challenge your thinking in a pragmatic, yet creative way and can offer talent solutions to meet your individual/business needs.”

Rebecca Clarke
Head of Global Talent Aquisition, SITA

The Co-operative Estates is the custodian of nearly 8,000 properties across the UK.

Chris Whiteley takes the time to really understand and help diagnose the underlying issues of what it is the client needs and tailors his solutions to deliver change at pace.  He works with a sense of urgency and a desire to see commercial results from his input.”

“Chris takes a hands on a challenging, pragmatic approach and encourages people to take responsibility for themselves and their teams which has produced significant ongoing measurable benefits in engagement levels and business performance.”


David Roberts
Director of Trading Property - The Co-Operative

St Vincent’s housing association is a registered social landlord with over 3,000 affordable homes throughout the North West.

“St Vincent’s has worked with  Chris Whiteley over the past 18 months  to deliver the SDI programme, engagement and leadership training.  The SDI training has proved to be invaluable across the organisation, giving people who work here a real insight into their own motivations and those of others.”

Charlotte Norman
Chief Executive, St Vincent’s Housing Association

Electrium is one of the UK’s largest electrical installation equipment manufacturing companies.

“Thank you for all the excellent support you have provided throughout the year. It has been great to see the improvement in engagement across the company and I know your work has made a real difference to people.”

Linda Clegg
HR Manager, Electrium

Every day, millions of people and thousands of companies rely on Siemens Water Technologies to help them meet their needs for clean water.

“Chris’ work has transformed how our business thinks in terms of motivating its employees. The work related to SDI has provided a very solid platform for employee development and business execution techniques. Your business cannot afford to miss the opportunity the incite that Chris’ training provides.”


Andrew Crowther
Contracts Manager, Siemens Water Technologies

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Our Vision

We believe that the fundamental difference between the 21st century leader and leaders of the past is vision. Our vision at The 21st Century Leadership Company is clear; we want to be nationally recognised as a provider of Leadership and Engagement Solutions.

Our value proposition sets us apart from the rest, because we aim to provide a complete leadership and/ engagement solution for your company, your leadership team, your employees and your strategy.

Our guiding principles influence the way we do business with our customers, the way we work with individual clients and how we develop and deliver our service offerings.

Guiding Principles

Core to our approach in designing and delivering leadership development solutions is building long-term valued relationships with all our customers. This enables us to engage with you as we take our own journey, helping you to advance on yours. We maintain a focus on our vision and strategy to ensure our expansion of services is aligned with meeting customers leadership needs. If you are interested in understanding on how you could benefit from this or learning more about our unique approach to Engagement please contact us we will be happy to discuss it with you.

About us

Who we are 

Whilst our foundations originally lay in providing executive coaching, there has always been a focus on working collaboratively and building long-term valued relationships with customers to provide effective coaching relationships and leadership development programmes that build the capabilities of individuals for the benefit of the organisation.

What we do

Our mission at The 21st Century Leadership Company is to understand how the fundamentals of leadership are evolving with the 21st century, to design and deliver practical solutions to meet these requirements and help our customers cope with the challenges of leading in the 21st century.

Why the 21st Century Leadership Company

Every leadership development programme has unique aspects but if you examine why people use The 21st Century Leadership Company you would hear these typical needs:

“We need to engage our employees so they are confident, competent and committed to achieving our business objectives.”

“We want our senior people to go that step further for themselves and the organisation.”

“I am looking for innovative ways to accelerate the personal development of individuals identified as high potential.”

“My team requires necessary skills to tackle our current business challenges.”

Our Clients


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