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Together at the Top

Healthy Teams

Great teams are born from great leaders



Developing your People

& Growing your Business

Leadership Development

Utilise proven techniques and strategies to realise the full potential of leaders. And develop their mindset to build an inclusive and high-performing team.

Team Performance

Develop cohesive and connected teams that have each others back. Anything is possible, when people have the right mindset and buy into a shared vision.


Understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of everyone. This includes comprehensive support to help employees enjoy their roles and thrive.

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Leading Healthy Teams (LHT)

Inspirational & Effective Leadership

The Leading Healthy Teams progamme aims to increase team performance by focusing on the development of the leader. It includes six key modules:

  • Intro to leading healthy teams

  • Purpose & goals

  • Performance mindset

  • Relationships & communication

  • Engagement & wellbeing

  • Managing performance

Team Engagement & Performance

This part of the programme sets out to increase team performance by focusing on the development of the team as a collective. It includes six key modules:


  • Intro & team approach

  • Team fundamentals & wellbeing

  • Performance mindset

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Collaboration & relationships

  • Maintaining performance

Relationship Intelligence

Self-awareness is pivotal in transforming leader and team performance. A willingness to evaluate the impact of your own thoughts and actions on others. And similarly, how you respond to different communication styles across the team. Through the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) assessment platform we help individuals understand themselves and how they interact with others focusing on their key motives, strengths and conflict sequences.

Blended Learning

The LHT Programme includes online coaching sessions, independent team leader activities, and tasks for the leader to do with their team. Each team member completes a survey to gauge the thoughts of everyone. Survey results are immediately available allowing the coach to identify key strategies to align the team, opitimse engagement and drive performance. Leader and team activities are measured to ensure the key objectives are met.


Transform your Leaders

Connect your Teams

Retain your Talent

Improve Performance



Proven Coaching Methods 

Our vastly experienced performance and personal development coaches assist organisations, large and small, to transform the fortunes of their leadership and teams.

Common challenges including underperformance, poor leadership, disconnected teams, conflict, wellbeing and employee engagement.


Each business case is based on best practice principles, adapted around the needs of individuals and teams to build trust.

Much of the work is based on self-awareness, mindset and relationships to develop inspirational leaders that nurture happy, connected and high-performing teams.  

Business Presentation


“An outstanding team leadership training course. The trainers expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to my development were truly commendable. I left each session feeling inspired and equipped with the practical tools to enhance my leadership skills. I highly recommend this team leadership training to anyone seeking a transformative learning experience. It's an investment in your professional development that pays off immediately”

Dave Dawson
Cortech Developments



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