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  • Chris Whiteley

Six Steps to Effective People Management

Updated: Mar 17

The art of people management and development is a fascinating one. A journey into a person’s mindset, thought processes, motivational value system, conflict sequence and more. And yes, this can be as complex as technology. But getting it right is a game-changer for the individual and business.

What’s more, this insight is pivotal in shaping personal development plans for everyone.

Here is a simple 6 step process to follow:

Assess - Everyone is different, so leaders need to adapt their approach to maximise a person’s engagement, wellbeing, and performance. One size doesn’t fit all.

Ask - Staff needs vary across teams, divisions and even countries. So, it is important that leaders use the insight to build effective people strategies at an individual and team level. This should be an extension of a connected business plan and strategy.

Listen – Leaders need to pay attention to what is going on within their team. And to operate an open-door policy for everyone

Act – Insight and data is often acquired, but not acted upon. It serves as a reminder to all leaders that everyone is judged by what they do, not what they say. Personal development plans are the platform for team members to thrive

Support – Having acted upon the insight, people and teams need to be supported through the development process. This requires leaders to commit to regular one-to-one reviews, provide ongoing encouragement and help each team member to reach their full potential

Measure – Leaders should track progress against the goals of the plan to ensure development needs are being met


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