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  • Chris Whiteley

Impact of AI in Coaching

Artificial intelligence is one of the hot topics of the moment.

Like many other businesses we’re keen to understand more about the benefits and implications of this technology.

In the short-term AI integration is both intriguing and fascinating. Something that requires due consideration. In the medium term it looks likely to become a fundamental support tool as part of the coaching proposition. While the widely held longer term view is that AI coaches seem destined to replace human coaches. Not a view I currently share!

For the time being though, more and more human coaches will begin to work in collaboration with AI to advance leadership and personal development with a key focus on wellbeing, progression and performance.

Here human coaches will identify the main challenges the coachee is experiencing, then be passed over to an AI coach to address more specific and clearly defined problems.

AI has the potential to enhance existing coaching support further through data-driven insights, automation, 24/7accessibility and more. This will serve to strengthen the customer experience and shape more effective client strategies for personal development.

In parallel with this technology integration, priority must be given to ensuring that data security and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

We are now actively exploring how AI can be applied to our coaching and development programmes to improve the process and outcomes for the very people we help to thrive.

Adapting to advancements in markets and technology in this way will help us to remain relevant and connected.


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