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  • Chris Whiteley

What makes your Team Tick?

How engaged are your team?


If you honestly, hand on heart, don’t know the answer to this question, then I would urge you to act now.


My advice would be to prioritise an employee engagement survey to fully understand the thoughts and needs of your team.


This is a great starting point, as it allows leaders to identify any key underlying themes. Gaining clarity is important, but not in isolation from any action.


Of course, any employee engagement initiatives will be largely influenced by the feedback of the team. However, it’s important that any strategy developed in this area should be done proactively - as opposed to fighting fires, that can be deeply damaging and time-consuming. This prevention rather than cure approach helps to embed a people-focused culture within a company.


How employees feel about the companies they work for impacts on their wellbeing, motivation, productivity, and performance. It also plays a big part in their retention.


Leaders have a responsibility to create supportive and inclusive work environments that promote engagement. By inspiring, understanding and caring for others, strong connections are forged. A winning formula that builds two-way trust and respect.


More than ever, employee engagement is critical to building happy and high-performing teams. Start the journey today, review the survey data, and act with intent. The results can be benchmarked against other sectors and compared to all future surveys to measure progress.


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